Exercises for prostatitis and prostate adenoma


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Exercises for prostatitis and prostate adenoma

In the treatment of prostate adenoma, drug therapy is prescribed. But this alone will not be enough. A set of physical exercises is also necessary.

load on the abdominal muscles. 1. Lying on your back (coccyx and shoulder blades pressed to the floor), raise your legs 15 cm from the floor, perform the “scissors” exercise, crossing your legs 10 times in one approach; 2. Remaining in the starting position, simulate cycling for 1-3 minutes. Time can be gradually increased;

regulation of the process of inflow-outflow of blood.

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Lying on your back, raise the lower body, remaining in the position of emphasis on the shoulder blades. Support the body with your hands. Hold for 5-10 seconds. Repeat. This workout is known as “birch”.

Lying on your back bend your knees. Inhale and lift the pelvic part of the body. Exhale – lower. Do 5-8 times in one approach; Remaining in the same position, turn bent knees to the right and left sides alternately, trying to touch the floor;

starting position: lying on the stomach. Raise your legs without bending your knees and head. Rock out a few times. The movement is called “fish”. Then, perform “scissors” similar to the position on the back. Do three approaches;

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“on a hike on the priest.” Sit on the floor, legs extended. Move on the buttocks, alternately pulling up the outstretched legs. Crawl in this way for at least 5 minutes;

starting position: sitting on the floor, bend your knees. Strongly draw in the stomach, hug and squeeze buy tadalafil 5mg online your knees. Stretch the whole body as much as possible. Stay in this position for as long tadalafil 5 mg opinie as the physical form allows. Relax. Repeat.

muscle training with a ball. Lying on your back, bend your knees, rest your feet on the floor. A small ball (preferably a tennis ball) must be firmly clamped between bent knees. Hold the muscles in a contracted state for 10 to 20 seconds. Repeat 15 times.

“lotus”. Take the lotus position. Stay in it for as long as possible. Stretching the muscles in the perineum will saturate the genitals with oxygen, increase the rate of blood circulation. If it doesn’t work out in this way, you need to connect the feet of the legs bent at the knees, and press your hands on your knees;

using a chair. Sit on a chair facing its back. 1. Press the crotch area against the seat. let go Perform 8 times in one approach. Gluteal muscles, at the same time, do not strain; 2. Without changing position, grab the back of the chair with your hands, make turns in different directions without lifting your pelvis from the seat;

exercises in the vertical position of the body. 1. Spread your legs apart, stretch your arms forward. To make inclinations, with one hand touching the opposite leg, with the other – winding behind the back; 2. Legs are placed together, arms are extended at shoulder level forward. Raise your bent online pharmacy levitra knees high, trying to touch your palms with them; 3. Put your legs together, make wide lunges forward, trying to touch the knee of the statically standing leg of the floor;

perform regular squats, alternating: 3 – deep, 3 – shallow. This will serve as a good workout for the muscles of the buttocks..

Two exercises of Bubnovsky’s gymnastics

Professor Bubnovsky has developed a charging technique for men. The full complex is not much different from the restorative, with the exception of movements performed in a pose on all fours..

take a knee-elbow posture. The knee joints are parallel to the hip joints, the arms are shoulder-width apart. Slowly lower your buttocks onto your heels without bending your arms at the elbows. The exercise is done on the exhale. On an inhale, return to the starting position. Repeat at least 15 times;

without buy kamagra oral jelly online baikalpharmacy.com changing the starting position, alternately bend the lower back and arch the back with a “wheel”. Perform 8 times. Make several approaches viagra pill for men.

Help Kegel

The gynecologist Kegel became famous for developing a basic exercise Viagra 100mg to combat prostatitis and prostate adenoma. The goal is to restore proper urine output and painless emptying of the bladder..

You should start the exercise during the process of urination in order to feel which muscles are straining at the same time. It is necessary to abruptly interrupt the process, and delay the flow of urine for a few seconds. With each time, the time interval of the delay should increase. Having trained, a man will be able to do such gymnastics without emptying. Run – the maximum number of times a day. There are no restrictions. This exercise is recognized as the most effective.

Mix business with pleasure

one of the most important components in the treatment of prostatitis and hyperplasia is the presence of systematic intimate contacts in a man. During sexual intercourse, the muscle fibers of the anus and prostate gland relax and contract in a certain rhythm. The only condition will be not to resort to artificial delay of ejaculation, and not to be protected from unwanted pregnancy through coitus interruptus.

Run away from sickness

A useful muscle training will be daily slow running (jogging) for an average distance. The distance should not be too long, so as not to cause serious fatigue in a man. The run should be increased gradually, adding no more than 300-400 meters at a time. Run easily, without shortness of breath. No need to speed up the pace to the maximum endurable.

Exercise if you are at work

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A special exercise, which is indicated for diseases of the prostate and erectile dysfunction, can be performed at any time and in any place. The training is simple, imperceptible to others, and has no restrictions on the number of approaches.

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A man needs to alternately tighten the muscles of the anus with a deep breath, and relax on the exhale.

Exercises on simulators

To keep fit, a weekly visit to the gym is encouraged. Workouts are planned levitra 20mg prices with an emphasis on working out the femoral muscles. In any fitness room there are special simulators for this..

bench simulator. The purpose of the simulator is to stretch the muscles of the perineum to speed up blood circulation. Bend your legs at the knees, between which the simulator is located. Movement for mixing-breeding legs;

flexion of the knees with a load. Lie on the simulator with your stomach. In the area of ​​​​​​the heels, the load is strengthened. Do multiple approaches.

barbell. The barbell is a good trainer. It is only necessary to correctly calculate the weight, according to the general physical fitness of the man. Deadlift is performed in the starting position: tilt with a straight back. Grab the bar at a distance between your hands slightly wider than your shoulders. Straightens up straight. Do it several times. squat In this case, the simulator is held on the shoulders. weight should not be limited;

cardio stepper. This is a special simulator for training in diseases of the heart, blood vessels, joints and prostate gland. The main thing is to observe a feasible load. Do not increase the initial pace. If there is no cardio stepper, you can use a low bench, which should be climbed on the exhale, go down to the floor – on the inhale;

jump rope. Jumping rope will help increase blood flow. You can jump as much as you want, but without overexertion for the heart and breathing.

Important: To conduct classes on simulators, and especially with a barbell, should only be under the supervision of an instructor in order to avoid injury.

Swimming with prostatitis and prostate adenoma

A visit to the pool is a universal workout. When practicing swimming, all muscle groups of the body are equally developed. If you add a gymnastic complex buy vardenafil generic, classes will become more effective. It is worth noting that it is possible to do exercises vardenafil (levitra) in the pool, since there are no conditions in open water to support body position, and the water temperature may not correspond to the norm..

you can swim only at 20 degrees of water or more, so as not to supercool the organs affected by inflammation.

a single lesson, in duration, is usually 45 minutes. It’s enough. No need to swim for wear. The procedure should bring positive emotions. At the end of the session, the man appears pleasantly tired, not exhausted..

after training, you should take a shower at a comfortable temperature, and change into dry clothes.

to load the muscle fibers of the genital organs, the following exercises are recommended:

At a shallow depth, lean back against the wall of the pool, spread your arms to the sides, holding on to the side. Perform high leg swings in the water imitating a military parade step;

Grab the handrail on the opposite side of the pool with your hands. The face is turned towards the water. Pull up on your hands, press your buttocks against the wall. Raise your legs and lower your legs, trying not to tear off your buttocks;

Hang on the handrail, with your feet perform cross movements in the water (“scissors”);

Holding hands on the side of the pool in shallow water, make low jumps in place.

IMPORTANT: the treatment of diseases of the male gland is a long process that cannot be interrupted during the remission of the disease. Regardless of the improvement in well-being, you should continue playing sports, and performing a special complex for the prostate.

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