Fees & Comparison with Others

*Bonus…Even though our commission is 10%, we will only charge you a MAX of $30 if your item sells for less than $500 and not the full 10% commission.

$$$ This way you SAVE, SAVE, and SAVE! $$$

*Every CENT and DOLLAR adds up, which MAKES US AN EASY CHOICE for both buyers and sellers.*

Services to Buyers and Sellers

Services to Our Community

0% Commission fees for any fundraising events to help someone in need or for any sport promotion events. 100% of the profits minus payment processing fees donated.

Please contact us to set-up any time of special events.

A Special for OLR Auction Birds

5 % Commission Fees plus payment processing fees.  This is to help breeders keep majority of the auction earning, but also allow buyers to add race proven birds to their lofts.