“Denise’s Golden Ticket” ARPU 87942-2021


“Denise’s Golden Ticket” ARPU 87942-2021

Denise’s Golden Ticket is the Daughter of Herschel and Pij. Denise’s Golden Ticket completed the 5 race series plus 400 mile race Texas Dash For Cash 24th place 150 mile vs 776 birds 32nd place day bird 400 mile. She is a very strong and beautiful pencil white flight with single pin tail!!! Fits perfectly in the hands!!!! Herschel is Half brother to MSRL 10169 winner @ 1st (5th-3sec to win) 2nd colored bird in the AIC OLR 350M winning 3.9k… sire is Gallo “Classic Boy”. Dam is daughter of Baldwins super 1148, one of his BEST breeding cocks…Half brother won 1st 150M AIC 2020…half sister won 20th 385M 8th Champion Bird with only 30 day birds & only 68 birds home by 4th day in the 2020 Evolution OLR!!!! Pij is Bred by Sattler Family Loft and flowin in the Banks Of Wabbash Challenge by Ron Deisher placing 25th at 150 2nd at 200 3rd at 250 and 5th at 300 placing her at 2nd Champion bird overall!!! She is a Foundation hen for sure!!!  

 Sire~”HERSCHEL” AY 20 MSRL 1323~ “HERSCHEL is son of “MR. BOB” MOSCHEL 494 2017 and “TENTIL 9052 2019”. “MR. BOB” is son of “GCH 2686 2016” and “CVR 543 2015. “TENTIL 9052 2019” is daughter of “TENTIL 1148 2015” and “6019’s LAST FLIGHT” TENTIL 8036 2018. “GCH 2686 2016” is son of “GALLO 159 2012” and “GALLO 95 2011”. “CVR 543 2015” is daughter of “GALLO 139 2011” and “GALLO 199 2012”. “TENTIL 1148 2015” is son of “PIECE OF GOLD” GFL 969 2011″ and “VEGAS PEAK” JNC 4028 2014. “6019’s LAST FLIGHT” is daughter of “CROOKED RIVER KING” TENTIL 6019 2016 and “CROOKED RIVER LADY” TENTIL 6205 2016. 

 Dam~”PIJ AKA FEATHERFOOT” BHR 186-14~ “PIJ AKA FEATHERFOOT” is daughter of “BOOMERANG” SOUTHTOWN RACERS 10 2013 and “LIL MISS” SOUTHTOWN RACERS 6 2013. “BOOMERANG” is son of “CASH” A 15606-08 and “O.E.H.” GBF 2543-09. “LIL MISS” is daughter of “WORM” PROPIGEON 688-08 and “ANNA” MTP 9466-09. “CASH” is son of “JONGE PHANTOM” EGALE 7188-07 and “YU ASKE” YUPIGEON 298-06. “O.E.H.” is daughter of “AIR BUISCUT” MTP 4378-05 and “PROPIGEON 560-08”. “WORM” is son of “TEQUILA” CBL 758-04 and “GBF 3530-07”. “ANNA” is daughter of “INKY BOY” CBL 723-04 and “PROPIGEON 629-08”.  

If any questions about this bird please contact us at deisherfamilyloft@gmail.com or contact us on Facebook at Deisher Family Loft. Thank you for  considering our breeding stock to meet your future needs, Deisher Family Loft

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