“Journey On” DEISHER 23 2021


“Journey On” DEISHER 23 2021

Foundation Ludo Claessens Family

JOURNEY ON is the Direct Son of JERSEY BOY & LUDO PRINCESS!! Foundation Ludo Claessens Family!! JERSEY BOY won the PAOF Futurity in the Central Jersey Combine by nearly 9 minutes vs 729 birds, 84 lofts at 350 miles!! Jersey Boy is a full brother to DEISHER 54-14 who on September 27th, 2014 was a big winner in the Coast to Coast Futurity, flying a distance of 269 miles, Arlt & Son Loft won 4th place vs 1,942 birds, 106 lofts!! This bird should have been a first place finisher as well, but due to a clock malfunction and losing 8-9 minutes clocking the bird place 4th losing the race by 3 minutes 45 seconds!! The time lost clocking cost him the race!! LUDO PRINCESS is 100% Ludo!! Inbred “Blue Ludo” 6X 1st Prize, Inbred to “Jonge Supercrack”, 1st Prov Orleans vs 2672 birds, 1st Prov Orleans vs 1853 birds!! Father to: 1st National NPO Orleans 9096 birds, 2nd National NPO Orleans 8322 birds, 3rd National NPO Orleans 9096 birds, 1st Hensies 3222 birds, and Grandfather to 1st Morlincourt 26,801 birds!!! Ludo Princess is bred to be a foundation breeder!!

Sire~”JERSEY BOY” DEISHER 620 2009~ “JERSEY BOY” is son of “FIENEKE 086’S BOY” GFL 1343 2005 and “SILVER BOY’S LADY” GFL 919 2004. “FIENEKE 086’S BOY” is son of “SILVER BOY” NL 9410378-94 and “FIENEKE 086” BELG 6135014-02. “SILVER BOY’S LADY” is daughter of “SILVER BOY” NL 9410378-94 and “DAISY MAE” GFL 803 2001.

Dam~”LUDO PRINCESS” BELG 2109736-17~ “LUDO PRINCESS” is daughter of “BLUE LUDO” BELG 2130049-09 and “SISTER BLUE LUDO” BELG 2130302-09. “BLUE LUDO” is son of “STRONG VEDETTE” BELG 2145385-08 and “SUPER INBRED” NL 1560054-05. “SISTER BLUE LUDO” is daughter of “STRONG VEDETTE” BELG 2145385-08 and “SUPER INBRED” NL 1560054-05.

If any questions about this bird please contact us at deisherfamilyloft@gmail.com or contact us on Facebook at Deisher Family Loft. Thank you for  considering our breeding stock to meet your future needs, Deisher Family Loft

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