• AU-2021 FOYS 37877 Blue Bar WF Hen (Bosua-HFL)

    AU-2021 FOYS 37877 Blue Bar WF Hen (Bosua-HFL)

    AU2021-FOYS 37877 Blue Bar WF Hen

    “37877” is a nice handling Daughter of “Phoenix” & “Camilla”. Her Father “Phoenix” won 1st Place @ 350 Mile Final + 2nd Overall Ace Pigeon of the 2017 Arizona Classic OLR.

    Mother “Camilla” was a tremendous flyer winning 7th Overall Combine Champion Old Bird as a Yearling and then 4th Overall Combine Champion Old Bird as a two year old. She was 2 x 1st Combine and flew great out to 467 Miles.

    Brothers and Sisters have won (15+) x 1st or EQ 1st and 1st/2nd/9th/ Club Champion Bird Awards

    A Half-Sister “Hang 302” won 1st Club Champion Old Bird 2019, (3) x 1st or Equal 1st, and clocked well in 6 of 7 Races flown.

    A Half-Brother “Hang 311” won 2nd Overall Club Champion Old Bird 2019, 2 x 1st or EQ 1st and 2nd @ 314 Miles.

    Half-Sister “Hang 218” won (3) x Equal 1st and 9th Club Champion Old Bird 2021

    A Half-Sister “Hang 206” has won (3) x Equal 1st in 2020/2021.

    A Half-Brother “Hang 313” won 1st Place @ 245 Miles and Equal 1st @ 201 Miles.

    Full-Sister “37811” won Equal 1st @ 150 Miles in 2021 Tucson Series.

    Two additional siblings are Equal 1st Winners

    An Aunt (Daughter of “Zeus”) today on 2/6/2022 was 8th Place on the 325 Mile Final Race Golden Valley Late Hatch Classic. Another Aunt was Equal 1st Drop & 12th Ace Pigeon last year in the 2021 race series.

    “37877” is a nice handling medium-small hen that has a strong frame/back,nice muscle, a nice wing, tight vents, soft feather, and nice pearl eyes. She responds well to the beak pull test and shows great character struggling in the hand while being held. She was bred in an individual breeding pen.

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